There is no doubt that beauty trends change with each passing decade. Women’s hairstyles, make-up, accessories, and clothing get updated as the years go by. Many people even feel that fashion and beauty trends define a decade. Here is a look back at some of the beauty trends from the past few decades.


In the 1950s, women styled their hair in a bouffant, wore frosted light pink lipstick, and wore poodle skirts. Common accessories included stockings, hats, scarves, and gloves.


As the 50s gave way to the 60s, American culture shifted dramatically toward a more free spirit, hippy style of dress. Women straightened their long hair with an iron, and parted it down the middle. Make-up was minimal. Men and women wore bell-bottom pants. Accessories included beaded or flowery necklaces, bracelets, and headbands.


The 1970s disco era welcomed a more flashy way of dressing. Sequined mini dresses, mini skirts, and hot pants, paired with platform shoes became fashionable. Halter necks and crop tops were favored by women. Feathered hair and afros were popular hairstyles.


As the disco era segwayed into the eclectic 80s, beauty trends again changed drastically. People began to put more stock into brand names, and further emulated popular culture. Young women and teens strived to mirror Madonna’s Like a Virgin look, while young men adopted styles similar to those seen in the popular TV show Miami Vice. As the decade wore on, neon colors and perms became popular. The days of minimal makeup were gone, as women wore eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick in bright shades.


The bubbly fashion of the 80s turned in the early 90s as the grunge era took off. Flannel shirts, blue jeans, and leather became popular clothing choices while body piercings became popular accessories. Women got belly button rings, while both men and women got facial piercings such as tongue, eyebrow, and lip rings. Plastic surgery procedures that could permanently alter a person’s appearance also became more common among the masses in the 1990s.


Fashion in the 2000s largely recycled beauty trends from previous decades. We brought back the poofy dresses from the 50s, the flattened hair from the 60s, miniskirts from the 70s, leggings from the 80s, and the edginess of the 90s. Plastic surgery procedures also exploded during the 2000s, with public acceptance of cosmetic surgery reaching an all time high.